What we do

We provide a full range of surveying and property valuation services including:

  • Advice on Party Wall matters, Party Wall Awards,  Party Wall surveyors.
  • Expert Witness reports and litigation support.
  • Lease extensions - extending your lease.
  • Collective leasehold enfranchisement of  freeholds.
  • Freehold valuations and Property valuation consultancy.
  • Property investment consultancy.
  • Commercial Landlord and Tenant matters.
  • Property Insurance Reinstatement valuations.

Advice on Party Wall matters

All semi-detached and terraced houses have Party Walls. Apartments and flats have Party Wall Structures. A Party Wall or Structure separates you and your neighbour’s property. If you are planning on starting work which will have an effect on the Party Wall or Structure you must get your neighbour’s agreement before you commence. You should consult a Party Wall surveyor who will advise you and draw up a Party Wall Award.

Expert Witness reports and litigation support

We accept expert witness appointments in the following circumstances:

  • Advisory Expert.
  • Shadow Expert (instructed by a party to assist behind the scenes).
  • Lead Expert.
  • The own party expert witness in the litigation (Part 35 expert) instructed by the parties with the permission of the court, to prepare a report and give evidence at court.
  • Single Joint Expert (SJE).

Where cases are before the Courts, Tribunals and Arbitrators, we are often appointed as a joint expert witness appointed by both parties.

Lease extensions

If you have owned your flat or apartment for 2 or more years you usually have statutory rights to a 90 year lease extension. We can advise you on the process of extending your lease and the likely costs of extending your lease.

Buying your freehold

If you live in a leasehold flat you may be able to buy the freehold of your building, in conjunction with the other leaseholders, provided that you meet certain criteria.
The process is known as collective enfranchisement and normally involves the participating leaseholders forming a company which will act as the nominee purchaser. We can advise on buying your freehold and the likely costs.

Property Valuation

We carry out valuations for a variety of purposes including  probate, tax, and court proceedings.

Property Investment Consulting

We also act for property investors identifying and completing due diligence of property investments, typically well let commercial property.

This is a bespoke service. Please contact us to discuss your investment requirements.

Landlord & Tenant - Commercial Lease Renewals & Rent Reviews

We advise on commercial property rent reviews and lease renewals. Rent reviews are the usually 5 yearly process of the landlord negotiating an increase in the existing passing rent to the market value. Usually rents increase over time and both the landlord and tenant appoint their own rent review surveyor to negotiate the rent review.

Business tenants do not have automatic security of tenure at lease expiry. Security must be applied for. The process is primarily controlled by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, Part II. The process involves agreeing a new rent and modernising the lease terms as appropriate.

Property Insurance Reinstatement Valuations

We advise commercial and residential property owners on insurance reinstatement costs. We prepare the valuation documentation using the relevant BCIS cost index.


For more information please contact Dominic Henderson directly on
020 7129 1114 or dh@hendersonpw.co.uk