Expert Witness Reports and Litigation support

Our principal, Dominic Henderson BSc (Hons) MRICS  MFPWS  LETAPAEWE is specifically  qualified in providing Expert Witness Evidence: Law and Practice, Written Evidence - Advanced Report Writing, Case Preparation and Court Skills. Otherwise known as Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (LETAPAEWE) accredited by Edexcel at a level 7 (Masters level) BTEC and approved by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Consequently Dominic is appropriately qualified to provide Expert Witness Reports and Litigation support.

Prior to establishing Henderson & Co, Dominic held senior positions in the following major west end practices, DTZ Plc, Savills Plc and Rapleys LLP. He has over twenty years experience of advising clients on most types of commercial and residential property with an emphasis on property valuation and property investment consultancy.

Dominic accepts expert witness appointments in the following circumstances:

  • Advisory Expert
  • Shadow Expert (instructed by a party to assist behind the scenes)
  • Lead Expert
  • The own party expert witness in the litigation (Part 35 expert) instructed by the parties with the permission of the court, to prepare a report and give evidence at court.
  • Single Joint Expert (SJE)

Where cases are before the Courts, Tribunals and Arbitrators, Dominic is  often appointed a joint expert witness appointed by both parties.

A well presented and professional expert witness report saves everybody time and money and often facilitates a  satisfactory settlement prior to court proceedings. Consequently it is vital you instruct a suitably qualified person and he acts within his sphere of expertise and provides a report meeting the statutory requirements.

Dominic is qualified to deal with a number of general practice surveying and property valuation matters including the following:- 

  • Party Wall Matters
  • Property investment agency practice and proceedure
  • Property Investment Disputes
  • Freehold valuation of commercial and residential property
  • Rental valuation of commercial and residential property
  • Residential Leasehold Reform
  • Surveyor/Valuer fraud

Reports from an expert witness are required by law to assist the Court in matters of which the witness has expertise and must comply with the Civil Procedure Rules, otherwise the Expert’s witness evidence will be struck out by the judge.

The brief principal is that the expert’s report must be the independent and unbiased professional opinion of the surveyor, and fall within his expertise i.e. it must be impartial and uninfluenced by those instructing or paying the surveyor to give the evidence.

Contingency fees are prohibited.